P.I.T. Webtools

Planetary Interaction Taskforce, EVE University

System Lookup

Use this tool to perform an initial lookup on a system to judge its possible suitability before you even go there to perform Scans.
When viewed in the IGB, you can click on any planet to open its Info Window. From there, you may right-click the little triangle in the upper-left and choose "View in Planet Mode".
Clicking on a commodity will open my Commodity Tree webtool for that item in a new tab.

Commodity Tree

Use this tool to view the commodity production tree for any Planetary Commodity.
You can click on any commodity in the tree to display it in its own Commodity Tree page in a new tab. Clicking on the graph will open its EVE-Metrics price information page in a new tab.

Price Analysis

Use this tool to compare the current median of Sell and Buy Orders in a particular region for an entire tier of Planetary Commodities.


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