Agent Rangefinder 2.1

Turhan Bey, EVE University

System: Scan Range: 0
-> ID: --

API information is NOT saved on the E-UNI server.

Select a character and press OK.

Status: Idle.

Legend: Lowsec Space, Nullsec Space, Not Accessible

  • For an API key to work, it must have the following visible (minimum access mask of 8912904):
    • Public: CharacterInfo
    • Public: Standings
    • Private: CharacterSheet

  • Sometimes the EVE API can be slow, and so it may take awhile for the character and standings data to be transferred. It's not Agent Rangefinder's fault, honest!
  • Obviously, long-range scans can also take awhile to complete, and result in big lists.
  • Standings comparisons do not take into account R&D agent requirements (yet).
  • The datadump still has some old, no-longer-accessible agents such as Jovian, CONCORD, and hisec Level 5's.
  • API standings data is only accurate to +/- 0.01 and so the calculated standings may be similarly inaccurate. ARF estimates conservatively, so agents that show as available are very likely really available.
  • A ">" symbol indicates an agent with Locator Services. An "Loc#" in the Corp Title bar shows the highest-level Locator Agent found in range (but may or may not be accessible).

  • Questions, support, and feedback please send to Turhan Bey.